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Having experience of 30 years, first five years I worked under parental guidance of late Padma Shri Dr. V G Patel, founder director of EDI, India’s mother institute for entrepreneurship and known as Father of Entrepreneurship in India. Startup concept came later. Now translating his famous doctrine “The Seven Business Crisis: How to beat them”. Apart from the translations, writing some books, two in English, and three in Marathi. Worked closely with two Indian software product companies to spread their network pan India and setup franchisee business model. Achieved the targets as desired. Launched some businesses in such way that they never would need marketing again. Became BRANDS. Have good network in 20 States. I was a member of ISBA for 3 years. Available on call as a registered mentor at various business-incubators in India and guide-on-demand for PhD on the subject of an Employability. I have invented Employability-IndexTM and Training-tool –Wheel-of-Excellence alias Utkarsh-Chakra. In 2009, for Directorate of Employment & Self-Employment GoM, contributed in its complete transformation.

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